Only with the correct software will you obtain the best results with the least effort in the shortest time. In most cases, using a tool you are familiar with will be less effective than using the correct one. Here may be a list of the highest 10 brochure design software in 2020.

Adobe InDesign

InDesign is so good that it quickly became the industry standard almost immediately after its released 20 years ago and still even today it has no rivals.


Scribus is an open source desktop publishing software that runs on Linux. It has a lot of the same features of InDesign, and it’s free. Unfortunately, there isn’t much content online on how to use Scribus, so save some time to test and learn it before using it on a professional project. Scribus is also available for Windows and MacOS.


Canva is the perfect solution to make a brochure if you are not a professional designer. The software offers many templates (some free some not) from which you’ll start to form your brochure. During the editing, you’ll select or purchase images, icons, etc.

Quark XPress

Quark XPress is perhaps your best alternative to InDesign. In the 90s, XPress had a 95% market share. It wasn’t until InDesign arrived in early 2000 that they lost their prominence.

Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher is the new entrants that wants to out-throne InDesign. The software looks really nice and functions in a very smooth way, but during my test this summer I found that many features were still missing. At the time of this article, it is offered for free in a public beta.

Microsoft Publisher

If you already have a subscription to Office 365, Microsoft Publisher would surely be a better choice than using Word.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark works similarly to Canva, but I found Canva much simpler to use.


LucidPress may be a publishing app that works on the browser. You can drag and drop elements, change text, etc.

Swift Publisher

If you are on a Mac and are looking for a cheap option, Swift Publisher can be a good solution. The software doesn’t have the features of a professional tool but for simple, amateur projects, it could be a decent choice.

Microsoft Word and Apple Pages

Word and Pages are word-processors. They are not focused on graphic choices as much as on text. For that reason, they won’t give you complete control over the layout of your document. Picture placement in Word and Pages is a nightmare. You won’t be able to create a professional looking document as you would with InDesign.

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