Website User Interface Design Tips

Website UI or user interface plays very crucial role in the web designing, as the success and usability of the website depends totally on how the user interface  of website designed. Technically website UI or web user interfaces are basically GUI’s which accept inputs from users and provide output in the form of net pages requested by users. Basically, UI will make interaction of the user with website very smooth, effective and sophisticated.

It is good practice to design website User interfaces that make user browsing experience pleasant and hassle free. If you are newly entered into the field of website design, there are some essential things, which are mentioned below, that you should keep in mind while designing UI for any website.

• Get to know or identify your target audience or users! It is most basic rule while you design user interface to know which type of user you are expecting for your website. Identify the target users and then start design UI by keeping them in mind.

• Get some references from similar websites! It is best to observe and refer the similar kind of website or applications available on internet, it will help to design most user friendly UI in your website. As users already have seen similar kind websites and have experience of using those site, taking reference from such sites will make your UI more familiar to the users of your website.

• Incorporate appealing and eye catchy icons, buttons and other graphics! It is essential to use something which attracts users towards your website and engage them, appealing and eye catchy graphics & icons will help to do that with ease.

• Make it easy for user to identify changes or recent visited links! Users of website may navigate back and forth between different pages of the website, which makes it difficult for them to identify or to remember pages or links they already have visited. Try to differentiate and easy for users to identify such things by making them daring or by highlighting them.

• Always incorporate most appealing and easily readable fonts within your UI! It is always advisable to use different kinds of fonts to attract users, but on the same time don’t forget reading capabilities of users. The fonts you choose should be easily readable.

This leads me to end the discussion on website UI design, hope this article helps you to design most appealing and sensible website user interfaces.

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