Privacy Policy

Whenever you use IxDZone services or download any file and tutorials from this site you must share your personal information or you should trust my services with your personal information, the our privacy policy means which data collect from your side, Why we collect and how we can use, I think you should get a chance to read carefully.

The following information collect from you

We collect your Personally identification by login, signup and contact us from such as your name, email address phone number credit card information, it is attaché your name and stored in my secure database, but if you are create your login account by a third party site we just access and collect only your name and email address or which data accessible from the third party website we don’t receive any type of stored password or secure elements

Why we collect your information ?

  • We are collect your information for well know you and our users, because we are using lots of copyright image and content from different – different resource which has no permission to modify it or not giving permission to use any commercial use, if you want download open source file from our website, we must know who is using our content image or where it use and which purpose use therefore we collect personal information from your side
  • Whenever you are login and sign up with IxDZone we keep a records of your communication for future use or solve any type of issue if facing in future
  • We are collect information by cookies like other website used, cookies is very small text file which is placed in your computer and mobile whenever you open my website it will provide best experience with each other
  • Whenever open my website on your browser if it is ask adjust cookies you Granted permission us to use cookies so we know you are comfortable with this

How to use your information ?

  • We are using your information time to time update from our services such as we post a new tutorials on our website i send you a update by mail
  • We use your information for better services and communication with each other for long terms.
  • Note: IxDZone does not share your information with third party or we take reasonable to protect your personal information which we collect from you.

If You have any question contact us