How to make career in digital media

Everyone wants a job that offers flexibility, allows creativity, requires minimal supervision, and pays well. West Valley College has an excellent training program that offers just this. You can be a graphics artist, web designer, technical writer, or audio and video technician, with a starting pay ranging from $40,000 to $60,000+ per year.

Most careers in digital media let you work from home, set your own hours, and let you use your imagination to create websites, animations, posters, business cards, and logos. If this type of work interests you, individuals with these types of skills are in demand. Here are some job titles common in the industry:

·         Web Designer / Web Developer

·         Desktop Publisher

·         Graphic Design Artist

·         Media Director / Editor

·         SEO Copywriter

·         Technical Writer


Books and articles are available on this topic if you want to learn more. Many prefer to learn in a formal setting, either in a classroom or instructed online. West Valley College has an excellent digital media curriculum, offering both degree and certificate courses with different emphasis. Classes include HTML/XHTML, CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, SEO search engine optimization, and many others. See if any of the following interest you:

Degrees / Certificates

Digital Media Design & Production

Digital Publishing

Web Design & Production: Design Emphasis

Web Design & Production: Production Emphasis


What about salary? Depending on your level of experience and education, you could earn anywhere from $35,000 to $40,000 starting all the way up to over $100,000+ a year. You can work full-time for a large corporation making a base salary, or you can start your own business working on sites for small/medium-sized businesses. A web designer’s median salary by years of experience from lists $38,436 for less than 1 year, $41,487 for 1 to 4 years, $50,680 for 5 to 9 years, and $58,862 for 10+ years.   Check out some of the other pay scales for digital media-related jobs:

Graphics Designer –

Digital Media Director –

Seasoned professionals to students and recent high school graduates can benefit from these courses! In today’s economy companies are looking to cut back on costs, for the best bang for their buck. If you are interviewing, or if a company is considering a layoff, better-rounded skill sets can make the difference between getting a job offer, or making it past a round of headcount reduction.

In closing, the Internet continues to grow at a fast pace…and there will always be a need for someone with digital media experience to help create and manage a corporation’s web presence. The web is ever evolving and is here to stay. So why not choose a rewarding career in Digital Media?

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