Will AI Really Replace Designers By 2022?

It seems like innovation just can’t leave designers alone.

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At first, it was the computer revolution; As Adrian Shaughnessy put it, the introduction of Macintosh meant “no more mechanical artwork, no more paste-up, no more typesetters, no more expensive retouchers” for designers.

The second major shock to the field was the explosion of the Internet. No longer designers had the comfort of fixed-size, one-format print publishing. With most businesses looking to add a website to their public image, designers now had to make sure their artwork would look good on all possible screen ratios and sizes.

And now, an avalanche of AI (Artificial Intelligence) innovation is storming through most industries, threatening to take half of our jobs by 2030. (In case you have been living under a rock, AI is any technology that can do what it would normally take a human to do.)

Is design going to be one of them?


Even though ‘web design is dead’ and designers actually have to do less to achieve similar results, the deep understanding of the field and killer expertise are more important than ever. And, yes, if you consider yourself a top-tier designer, the times are only going to get better for you.

Let me prove it to you…

Before the AI design tools became a thing (not so long ago), there were bad designers (people with no-to-little design experience), average designers, and top notch designers.

With the advent of various automated design tools, it became much easier for people with very little design experience to create fairly average designs.

What does this mean? It means that average designers are much less valuable to the clients, since they could probably get something similar done themselves.

At the same time, the skills and expertise of top-notch designers stand out that much more, because why should you pay an average designer, if you can achieve average results yourself.

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