What’s Next for Designers after 10 years for the iPhone

The short answer: great things are about to happen! Read about the current state of design and its future.

When the first iPhone came out in 2007, not so many designers understood the purpose of it. That said, the Skeuomorphic UI of iOS and the increasing popularity of the iPhone over the years started an incredible revolution where UX designers became the Kings and Queens of the tech industry.

Design is about realizing an idea by delivering an experience. That experience is becoming more and more interactive due to technology and market changes. Now, with the high demand for better interactions, the field has become highly competitive. Let’s take a look a the numbers.

The Design Market by the Numbers

The future of work and automation is highly discussed topic these days (we will address that later). In the meantime, there’s fast growth and a great need for designers:


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2016, that there were 201,710 employees in the Graphic Design industry in the U.S. — this number is probably higher, considering this data is focused on traditional graphic design (web & print) and doesn’t reflect mechanical engineers, video game designers, industrial designers, animators, freelancers and more. It also projects a growth of additional 60,000 designers by 2024.

We can also take Adobe and Autodesk as benchmarks for the strength of the design industry. Adobe stock ($ADBE) is soaring for more than 5 years in a row. We can say the same about Autodesk ($ADSK).

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