What is Axure

Axure RP is a powerful design tool for creating highly interactive wireframe prototypes for web application projects. The RP in Axure RP stands for Rapid Prototyping which is the core focus of the tool. it allows users to quickly create wireframes and prototypes from any rough ideas they may have.

Axure RP supports prototyping rich web applications by mapping desired interface behaviors in response to actions like mouse clicks or touch gestures. Axure RP generates HTML websites for preview and team collaboration as well as Microsoft Word documents as output for product documentation.

Axure RP can also connect to other tools and services such as Slack and Microsoft Teams to collaborate. Axure RP is also able to auto-adjust and move smoothly from macOS to Windows. For security, prototypes can be sent with password protection to ensure full disclosure.

Users create custom controls by combining existing widgets and assigning actions in response to events such as OnClick, OnMouseOver, and OnMouseOut or touch gestures like pinch and swipe. For example, interface panels can have a number of states, each being activated by clicking on an element such as a tab button, list-box item, or action button

What is Axure

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