What web designers can learn from web developers

Combine the visual elements with quality UX to create a site people want to stick around on.

Web designers tend to focus a lot of their attention on the visual elements of a design. How do the colours work together? Is the layout balanced? Is the spacing optimal? As designers, we want our creations to be as visually pleasing as possible, because we know this feeds directly into the overall quality of the experience.

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But there’s far more to designing an excellent website than ‘making it pretty’.
In fact, every dollar you invest in user experience (UX) can translate into $100 in income for your business. UX is thus a vital aspect of web design – and not just from the business side.

That’s why, when I wanted to up my game in web design, I turned to web developers to get a few ideas. As you bring the visual aspects of your next design together, take some time to focus on the following elements, and you’ll create a site people want to stick around on.

Provide security

If you’re asking your site visitors to share their personal information with you, they need to know their info’s safe from hackers and the world at large.

Security concerns are the main reason mobile users choose not to buy a product online, especially if they’re older. And that fear is just as powerful as aggravation over other usability issues. With identity theft rampant these days, people are reluctant to share financial data unless they feel safe.

So take time to think about how you protect the information people share with you. And perhaps more importantly for designers: how you show people their data’s safe. 

Take time to think about how you protect the information people share with you

Even if it’s something as simple as a name and email address, how will you secure it from hackers? And what visual signs will you offer that said info is safe? Chrome now does a great job of showing users that a site is served over HTTPS, but if your audience skews older, you may need to make such signals even more prominent.

You’ll also want to make sure your privacy policy is easy to access, so your site visitors will understand how you work to protect them. 

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