How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

The design a company chooses impacts how a potential consumer perceives them. From color choice to style, different elements add up to create a first impression.

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This means that bad design – or lack of design – can have potential customers closing the browser and seeking other businesses. As a result, your company’s design can affect several components of your digital marketing strategy, and this is especailly true of content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the practice of publishing content that does not directly advertise a company’s product or brand, but generates interest in those things by providing relevant and helpful information.

For example, Home Depot has an entire section on their site dedicated to DIY projects and ideas, where they publish guides and tutorials to help homeowners make simple repairs themselves instead of hiring a contractor or other professional.


It provides homeowners with the information they needed to make repairs on their own, and is broken down into different rooms in the house and categorized by types of improvement, like electrical and plumbing.

Although these guides aren’t straightforward advertisements, the visitors who read them are likely more inclined to purchase the required supplies from Home Depot, rather than a competitor. The association of the guidebook – and helpful information – with Home Depot opens the door to the possibility of sales.

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