Using GSAP to Animate Game UI with Canvas

The year was 1995; Toy Story hit the theaters, kids were obsessively collecting little cardboard circles and Kiss From a Rose was being badly sung by everyone. I was a gangly ten-year-old, and like any other relatively tall kid I was often addressed to by “you must be so good at basketball!”. So I practiced and practiced spending hours on the court of my elementary school. Eventually, I realized, much to the dismay of aunts and other cheek-pinchers alike, that while occupying vertical real estate might give you an advantage in the art of basketball, it does not ensure it.

Fast forward 21 years later. Now a tall and gangly developer, still bad at basketball, I was faced with a project: Designing and implementing a full motion video web basketball game for the NBA’s Detroit Pistons. Throwing balls around is one thing; throwing pixels around — now that’s finally a basketball challenge I can ace!

While developing the game I used many neat things like canvas, SVG and CSS animations, gesture recognition and a video stream that’s dynamically constructed on the fly. It’s really amazing what we can do with just a browser these days. Go ahead, give it a spin.

In this article, I want to focus and show you how I implemented the animation for the Superpower Gauge using vanilla JS in conjunction with GSAP. This is the motion reference I used while implementing the animation, created in After Effects:

In 1on1, once the user succeeds making a move, they’re awarded combo points. The gauge sits at the top left corner of the screen, and its task is to convey to the user the amount of their combo points as denoted by the number of red segments. At certain times in the game, the Superpower Gauge becomes active, notifying the user they can click it to make their in-game avatar perform a special move.

The basic structure of the Superpower is achieved with one Canvas element and a bit of simple geometry:

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