User Experience: The Beginner’s Guide

User Experience and User Interface Tutorial For The Beginners Collection #1

Recently, quite often many people requested me the similar questions: how to begin UI/UX Design learning ? How did we start? What skills are required to become UI/UX designer? What tools do you used? By this tutorials article we have decided to answer all of these questions and describe how I should started and become a UI/UX

Please keep in mind they are many different ways to get into this field – there is no one/simple path that everybody takes ! This is how I started and your journey of changing into UI/UX can be most likely completely different. Although, I’d like to focus on few factors that could be helpful in your journey of changing into UI/UX designer.

Before jumping into UI/UX design you need to basics knowladge of web & visual design as all of those principles and skills will be carried over UI design such (designing buttons, typography, white area, drop shadow, working with colour combinations, gradients, different kinds of grids, layouts etc). Having good understanding and solid foundation in visual and web design is essential to become a skilled UI/UX designer. Below I’ve highlighted some of the basic and key design principles tutorials that you want become familiar with UI/UX Design.

How to Create excessive constancy workflow dashboard chart

How to Create Wire frames for User Interface

How to Create Wireframe and prototype for User Interface #2

How to create a new page and Diagram page in Axure

How to create page link and connect page each other in axure

How to create a master from widgets in Axure

How to create smart login page in Axure RP9

How to create user profile in Axure RP 9

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