Twelve Features Developers Expect from Upcoming HTML6

HTML5 has got the phenomenal success among the developers. It has facilitated developers in organizing content in a more relevant manner with the new tags like <article>, <section>, <header> etc.

Developers enjoy freedom from using type attribute from tags like <link> and <script>. Though HTML5 has brought a paradigm shift in web programming, it has limitations in developing native apps on the web and some other issues.

As a developer, you always want to offer effective and efficient web solutions, and HTML6 is expected to help you achieve this goal. Therefore, developers across the world are eager to embrace HTML6. It is interesting to see how expected features of HTML6 would change the web development domain.

Here are some of the most popular expectations from the Dev Community for the upcoming HTML6:

Express Tags

HTML6 is likely to facilitate the developers with express tags. You can use <logo></logo> for assigning a logo to the webpage. Similarly, <sidebar></sidebar> and <navigation></navigation> tags will integrate sidebar and navigation respectively.

Also, the <div> tag could be used without using multiple ID’s. For example you can simply use <container> or <wrapper> instead of writing <div id=’container’> and <div id=’wrapper’>.

XML-like namespaces

It is expected that HTML6 will come with namespaces of the XML-like structure. Such namespaces will help developers use the same tag without any conflict with another tag. In other words, HTML6 will offer the advantage of using the desired tags in addition to the defined tags.

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