Tips For Designing a Perfect iOS Mobile App

iOS has set a benchmark in user interface design and gives the apt platform to deliver engaging and powerful user experiences. Although Apple claims iOS 10 to be the best of the lot, it is seen that most of the new attributes are consumer-facing say the widgets, Siri/messages integration and even expanded notifications. Talking of designers, the only design change that stands out are the bolder titles and more usage of cards as noted in native apps like Music and News.

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Now, iOS 7 widely used thin fonts, but iOS 10 has reverted back to bolder texts. Before beginning your journey towards a commendable interface design, it is always advisable to go through the App Store guidelines, which states everything quite clearly. Use those guidelines along with the combination of some of their other communications and there you will surely come up with a successful app. Below are some of the design concepts to enrich your layouts before you move onto coding to enhance the appeal and usability of your apps. This piece is your guide to designing apps like a pro in iOS:-

1. Adaptive Design

With a large number of device resolutions on the surface, it is important to make sure that your layout is adaptive. Employ tools like Xcode or Sketch Constraints so that you come up with a design that has flexible screen size and displays extra menus if required. It is good if the user interface expands instead of scaling up in size. For larger screens like iPad and iPhone 7 Plus to view in landscape mode, a left navigation appears instead of the Tab Bar.

2. High Platform


iOS has advanced a lot over the years. As it upgraded onto the 9th level, Apple bought a new feature called San Francisco font in the system and 3D Touch and multi-tasking on the iPad. If you look at Xcode, you will find an excellent tool for creating more adaptive layouts without the troubles of Auto Layout. With time, Apple has promoted adaptive designs so that it can work across various devices.

3. San Francisco Font


The default font in usage is the San Francisco font, which has been created in-house by Apple itself.

4. The 3D Touch


An attribute new to iOS is the 3D touch that permits the users to speedily go through the options in and out the app. Viewers are now given the power to force press the App icon and look into the frequently used items. Inside an app, emails can be glanced at and links can be seen before fully entering the screen. Consider 3D Touch just like the keyboard shortcuts on your Mac that facilitates people to perform repeated tasks quickly.

You have to create design shortcuts, which increases the productivity for power users. But as in keyboard shortcuts, don’t limit the important features to 3D Touch. Your users should be able to access your app normally too.

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