Take Command of CSS Flexbox

As a kid I loved playing with toy plastic army men. I would line them up and pretend to be in command giving orders to my soldiers in order to defeat the enemy. Since I was in full command, the soldiers would look to me for their orders.

Sometimes a hot shot recruit would overstep my orders and go rogue, He would ignore and override my orders and just do what he wanted.

My example demonstrates the basic principle of the CSS display property flexbox which is…

Flex items (soldiers) follow the orders given by their flex container (commander).

In addition, an individual flex item has the ability to override the orders given out by the flex container if required. All it needs is a unique class name or ID with a unique set of properties.

In this flexbox tutorial, I will be answering some of the most common questions and show you how to start using flexbox in your projects.

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