Simplicity in UX Design

“Good design is at little design as possible” – Dieter Rams 

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While the experiences and interfaces we design become more complex, it is crucial to keep in mind the importance of achieving simple products that are understandable and not burdened with non-essentials.

Unfortunately, along the process of a product’s design there are thousands of complexities in the background (technical limitations, organizational changes, feature creep, business needs, and so on.) The goal is to not let these complexities seep into the end product.

Ironically, keeping the experience of a product simple can be complicated! The key is to focus your efforts on making what is usable and most understandable fit the majority of your users’ needs. 

What Gets in the Way of Simplicity? 

  • Feature creep: if users don’t want or need something, focus on the essential features that get the majority of use.
  • Executive design asks: use data-driven design to get consensus early and often on the direction of the design.
  • Making assumptions for the user: not being in contact with your users through research, site visits, focus groups, etc. Understand the people behind your product.

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