Scalable Design: Beyond Responsive Design

Responsive Design has been a great breakthrough for modern web development. But I couldn’t help but notice that something is lacking in our expectations regarding the aesthetics of web user interfaces as well as the obvious/ not so obvious limitations we endure as end users due to static fonts in 2017.

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I will likely touch on a bunch of things you already know so I encourage you to skip through to better parts.

I may also offend you if you’re very sensitive or complacent about the current state of web design. Sorry in advance ;-D

Yes there is a plug

Let’s get directly to the point…

Web design is limited mainly due to font sizing

Practically speaking, fonts don’t scale on the web. Some people can’t fathom this but this is a “YUGE” discrepancy for a modern visual platform.I hope you are able to comprehend the impact this has on the way in which we:

  • Design for the web.
  • Implement user interfaces.
  • Fight against content-display limitations.
  • Fight against limitation regarding animations.
  • Work harder to make things look similar-ish on the large variety of browsers and devices we consume today.

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