The Salary of UX Professionals

The field of user experience is large and closely related to user interface and other aspects of web or app development, and in this field, there are tons of different job titles for User Experience Professionals. Job titles Like User Researchers or UX developers, and positions ranging from intern or junior all the way up to lead director are inclusive in this field.

However, in this article we will mainly look into User Experience Professionals and more specifically their salaries. As the salaries vary depending on different job description the range doesn’t differ too much otherwise this article will be way too long and complicated.

In the following chapters will be stating how the salary of an UX Professional has changed since 2005, how experience influences the salary of an UX Professions, and how the wages differ in different parts of the world.

Hopefully this shows article will help you gauge if your salary is similar to that of your fellow UX Professionals, or maybe it will convince you to join the world of user experience.

History of UX salaries

Since user experience started to become a concern to designers in early 1990, those working on it have always been paid well, and in the last decade their wages increased even further.

Just an explanation; this graph shows the average yearly salary from 2005 to 2016 adjusted for inflation on the left and the real increase as a percentage compared to 2005. This data is from a 2017 study on wages for UX Professionals by the User Experience Professionals Association; where they looked into the wages and how it changes based on jobs, gender, and location. They had over 1,200 respondents and over 75% of the respondents are American UX Professionals, the remainder is mainly from other western high income countries. So this study reflects the change in wages in the United States for User Experience accurately.

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