When it comes to the educational posters you use to inspire your students, looks really do matter. We know, it probably should be that the inspiring content of the poster is enough to make it great, but if they don’t look good, they’re not likely to attract any attention or improve the appearance of your classroom.

Social media is undeniably a major avenue for educational advertising today. Long are the days of newspaper and phone book ads. Today, a business’s best advertisement is free and effective. There are many outlets that a business can choose from and a business does not have to stick to only one. The process for crafting a social media post is simple, but if done wrong, a social media post is simply ineffective.

No need to hire someone to create a photo or creative wording, but ultimately, you can do this part yourself. It’s not too difficult and not as time-consuming as you may think.

Create an eye-catching graphic or post with our downloadable PSD file and save your precious time.

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Education Social Media Post PSD and PDF - Download this Free PSD File about School admission social media post template
  • Eye-catching graphics or images can help to grab the attention of potential learners
  • Help to increase the visibility of social media posts by making them more discoverable to people searching for specific topics
  • Posts should include persuasive messaging that highlights the benefits of online education
  • Fully Editable
  • Image Included
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