Must Read UX Design Articles from April 2017

April has always been a gloomy month with a mix of scorching hot weather, income tax, and your favorite IPL team kicked out of the game. However, April turned out to be a very good month for high-quality UX design and development articles. In case, you’ve missed out on the pieces that caught world’s attention throughout April. We’ve rounded up the most buzzed-about stories of the month, so you don’t miss a beat!

Why writing is the most important skill in design

Good content is important to the success of the website as much as design and development. While many argue that a good designer should know how to code, there’s a fresh debate going on why designer needs to have strong writing skills as well. Check out Yazin Akkawi’s article that covers the strongest parallels between writing and designing when it comes to building context.

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Storyboarding Vs. Prototyping: When to Use Each

I was a noob about UX terms when I started my journey in UX design and I am still a fish out of the water. There are many techniques that still confuse us, especially when to use prototyping or storyboarding or wireframing. Joel from EnvatoTuts+ has written a crisp piece on digital prototyping, spelling out guidelines to help you choose the right prototyping fidelity.

Are Gradients The New Colors?


Gradients create interest and depth to the designs, and if right colors and shades are combined, gradient imparts a unique style. The trend, which has been declared dead at the start of flat design frenzy, is making a comeback. Gradients are being seen everywhere, from backgrounds to image overcast to animations to typography to various UI elements. Gal Shir explores the reason why gradients are emerging to be a trendsetter.

7 UX/Usability tools to try in 2017

A craftsman is as good as his tools. Whether you are a craftsman or a designer, your final product depends a lot on the tools you choose. With countless new tools being launched every year, it’s really hard to find out the ones worth looking for. Ryan Rudd from UX planet has done the hard work and curated a list of 7 UX/Usability tools that will prove beneficial for your workflows in 2017.

best UX design article

Design principle: Consistency

Consistency is essential for shaping up a successful life. Inconsistency in life or even in design create chaos and confusion. However, consistency is one of the most common design principles that’s also frequently broken. Anton Nikolov from highlights some ways to accommodate consistency in interfaces without hampering the creativity in designs.

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