Micro-moments: Are you designing for them?

Today, we’ll start with the rants of a Manhattan restaurant to exemplify the relevance of what Google calls “micro-moments”. Why? Because with the pervasive culture that mobile devices have generated, as UX designers, we’re needed now more than ever! This is why we need to equip ourselves with methods and tools to research our users’ lives before moving to the solution space.

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Mobile devices have changed our lives in many more ways than we can realize. They are just part of us now, and we have lost sight of how we behaved before. As user experience designers, we also have to play the part of anthropologists: well, a little. We need to understand our target users’ culture. In these fast-paced times, it can be hard to get time to stop, stand back, and look at what’s going on in the big picture. However, that’s the point: given that smartphones alone have changed life so much, it might take some effort to stop peering into their screens and see what’s happened to us as a species!

Do you really need a Cellphone to eat in a restaurant?

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Not that long ago, a story appeared about a Midtown Manhattan restaurant and its rants on Craigslist about its customers’ smartphone use. The restaurant had complaints about the service being slow, so they decided to compare security recordings from ten years apart. From this “contextual inquiry” based on observing camera recordings, the restaurant discovered that an average mealtime in 2004 lasted 65 minutes. In 2014, just ten years later, it had increased to 115 minutes.

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