MacBook Pro 2018 (More touch of genius)

What if the touch bar on the new Macbook Pro would extend
to a full-size touch pad? This question was the driving
force on this concept. It would enable a lot of new
features while maintaining the fundamental idea behind
the MacBook Pro 2016 touch bar, serving as shortcuts
and macro functions.

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By Daniel Brunsteiner

Also, since it will be a touch enabled display, it could support
the Apple pencil to allow user to finally use it with
desktop applications.

Allowing the keyboard area to become a touch enabled surface
creates new room for possibilities. The touch bar area could still
be available for shortcuts and function keys.

Enabling the Apple Pencil to be compatible with the new MacBook Pro,
will help creative professionals in their workflow and creates new
applications of the touch pad area. Using the new MacBook Pro with
third party software like Adobe Photoshop or Autodesk Sketchbook
will become more powerful than ever before.

The use of a touch-only keyboard requires the help of Apple’s own
Taptic Engine system to give the user the feel of physical buttons.
It could also enable additional features like emulating a scroll
wheel or sliders.

This large haptics-enabled surface could also be beneficial for
visually impaired people, for it could display Braille and emulate
the feedback required to read it.

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