Learning to Deal with the Stress Some Clients Bring

For just about the past year now, I have been working in real estate and aerial photography. I mainly work with the agents directly and the most important thing for me to do is be able to establish a good relationship with each and every agent I work with. These agents are my clients and I want to be able to keep them as clients so they continue to come back to me for any photo, video, or aerial work they need to market their properties. Within this short little year I have been working, I’ve dealt with so much and learned more than I ever could have imagined.

When I look back at when I first started and look at myself now, I am a completely different person than I used to be in the sense of being able to sell my work and being able to deal with all of the demands each different client brings to the table in order to market their property in the best ways possible for them and the homeowner.

I am writing this article because in the past couple of months, I have been making my way into some higher end homes. I am proud of myself for being able to finally shoot this type of real estate but I realize this is not exactly the type of work I necessarily want to be doing because of the way some of my clients are.

Real Estate photography is all about good photos and quick turn around time. The photos and video are strictly to show the home to get a person there that is interested in buying it. The more marketing material you have as a realtor, whether it be photos, aerial photos, a complete video, or a 3D walkthrough, the more the perspective buyer is able to see that “future home” as home. For me as the photographer, my goal is to create content so compelling that you would be an idiot as a buyer to not want to actually get up and go and see the house. The hardest part on my end is being able to get all of this done in a short period of time while being able to please the realtor or client.

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