Ladies That UX on women in design and diversity

Ladies That UX, an international organization of women UXers with over fifty chapters worldwide, reached out to the global Women in UX community to gather several different viewpoints on how women contribute to the UX field at large.

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Why is it important to celebrate and promote women in UX?

“Because my 5-year old daughter deserves to grow up in a world with products and services designed for her. Women bring important perspectives to design. We need the experience and skills of UXers of all genders,” explains Melissa Eggleston, a Durham-based UX consultant.

Melissa Eggleston, UX Consultant

Sarah Doody, Founder of the UX Notebook adds, “as the UX community grows, we must work hard to increase awareness of other women in UX because too many great voices and ideas aren’t surfacing in the existing community. Once I said to someone, ‘Why should I teach UX, aren’t there enough UX courses out there’, and the person replied, ‘yes but some people want to learn from you’. We’re drawn to and connect with with different types of people — personality, background, life experience. By promoting a diverse range of women in UX, we increase the awareness of many great people to learn from”.

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