International Artist Feature: Jamaica

Today we’re catching up with six incredible artists from Jamaica, a big-hearted island in the Caribbean Sea. I asked each artist how their country and culture inspired their work, and they delivered great responses.

Sanjay Charlton

Sanjay is an illustrator and animator from Kingston, Jamaica. He’s got insane Photoshop skills and renders mighty character illustrations. 

Check out his work below, and see more in his portfolio

Lothar – Defender of the Earth

I live on a tropical island where it’s summer all year long. A place where the landscape is lush and the beaches are beautiful. I love living in a place where my race has no bearing on how I’m treated as an individual. I love my people and my culture. 

Lothar - Defender of the Earth by Sanjay CharltonLothar – Defender of the Earth


I’m a commercial illustrator so culture influences my work per my clients’ request. Most of my clients are from countries outside my own, so these factors are minimal at best. 

Hoops by Sanjay CharltonHoops

Shhh, it’s Bed Time

Shhh its Bed Time by Sanjay CharltonShhh, it’s Bed Time 

The Kings Advisor

The community is small but has a large voice. Most of the population has to place day-to-day survival as priority, so those of us who can find escape and make a living through art—where creativity may not appear practical, are quite passionate about this endeavor. You’ll find that our canvases are not usually imposing in scale but bold with high contrasts and bright colors. 

With the opportunity for Jamaicans to enter a global community without leaving home through digital art, our passion can now be communicated through illustration, graphic design, animation, and more ways in which we express. 

The Kings Advisor by Sanjay Charlton

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