Instagram Will Soon Blur ‘Sensitive’ Photos that Might Offend Users

Instagram made a major announcement yesterday. In an attempt to ‘foster a safer, kinder community,’ the app will begin blurring content that it considers ‘sensitive,’ warning users and requiring that you click through to actually see the image.

To be clear, this new feature doesn’t mean NSFW content is suddenly going to be allowed on Instagram. Any content that was banned by Instagram’s Terms of Service before will still be banned after this feature goes into effect. The feature is being added because there are allowable images that might offend some users.

According to The Verge, who spoke to Instagram to get a better understanding of what counts as ‘sensitive,’ the blur filter will initially apply to violent images. “Animal rights groups that share content to expose animal testing conditions or animal abuse, or content that raises awareness of humanitarian crises around the world (famine, impact of war on local communities),” said the company.

If one of these images shows up in your feed, it’ll look like this:

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