How to increase the salary of a graphic designer

How to increase the salary of a graphic designer?

So-you’ve decided on a career as a graphic design professional. What quite money are you able to expect to form during this field? First of all, you would like to seem at what you’ll make once you enter the sector versus what you’ll earn over the lifetime of your career. Those with between three and five years of experience reported salaries ranging between $48,750 and $68,000, while graphic designers with over five years of experience earned between $61,000 and $83,250 per year.. Those graphic designers who were creative heads of departments, owned their own designing firms or were partners at designing firms enjoyed salaries of around $95,000 a year.

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According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2020 graphic designers made an overall average of $23,450 – $64,840 a year– the lowest-paid 10 percent of graphic designers earned a salary of less than $42,110 annually, while those in the highest-paid 10 percent earned more than $76,660. After considering entry-level versus experienced graphic designers, there are salary differences depending on the industry employed in. Among the five industries employing the highest numbers of graphic designers, computer systems design and related services paid the best at $47,860 yearly on average, and printing and related support activities the least at $36,100 yearly on average.

College education, specifically a degree, features a marked effect on the quantity of cash a designer can earn. A degree of Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Graphic Design enables a designer to have a median salary of $36,074; earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree gives one a slighter edge of $41,260.

Where you work as a graphic design professional makes a difference in salary, too. According to the report, the average yearly salary for a graphic designer in usa:-

State Name                        Average Salary

Tennessee                             $46,500

Utah                                       $45,580

Nebraska                              $45,090

Wisconsin                             $46,190

Michigan                               $44,480

Kansas                                   $42,481

Idaho                                     $39,131

Maine                                    $42,260

South Carolina                    $39,380

Louisiana                              $41,510

West Virginia                      $36,940

Arizona                                 $41,192

New Mexico                        $40,090

Mississippi                          $36,680

Montana                              $38,770

Kentucky                             $38,717

Iowa                                      $38,560

North Dakota                     $38,710

Oklahoma                           $38,280

Wyoming                             $36,260

Alabama                              $34,763

Indiana                                 $34,024

South Dakota                     $35,120

Arkansas                              $34,012

Guam                                    $27,590

Puerto Rico                         $23,450


State Name                        Average Salary

New York                             $64,840

District of Columbia          $67,890

Massachusetts                    $60,530

Illinois                                  $56,890

Alaska                                   $56,300

Rhode Island                      $58,720

Georgia                                  $54,260

California                             $56,810

Virginia                               $55,560

Washingto                          $58,450

Pennsylvani                        $53,050

New Jerse                           $55,100

Marylan                               $55,230

Texas                                    $50,700

North Carolina                   $49,700

Oregon                                 $53,900

Colorado                              $50,950

Nevada                                 $49,330

Florida                                  $48,780

Connecticut                        $48,490

Minnesota                          $49,590

Hawaii                                 $47,703

New Hampshire                 $48,130

Delaware                             $46,410

Missouri                               $47,740

Ohio                                      $46,740

Vermont                              $46,830



So how does all this stack up against the average American worker? According to the 2020 findings of the United States Census Bureau, the average salary in the United States is around $81,000 a year, taking into account all types of jobs and experience. If you are a designer with a college degree who has put in several years in a large company, or has successfully created your own design business, you could meet or exceed that average. The future for designers seems to have the opportunity for growth and advancement, especially for those who consistently improve their technological skills and keep their fingers on the pulse of society’s needs and wants. For graphic designers, especially, staying power equals earning power.

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