Great applications for Website/UI & Brand Design

A brief look at great applications for creatives worldwide.

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Here’s a little rundown of applications for creatives involved in Web/UI Design, Branding, Logo Design, Illustration and Print Works.

I thought I’d put a little something together for creatives alike. I’ve based this on my experience as a Web & Brand Creative. When I started out I found out things along the way and learnt some applications were easier to use than others. Below is my thoughts and a brief rundown of applications that I believe are great to use, this also includes business and communication applications.

Branding, Illustration & Print Works

My Pick: Adobe Illustrator

When it comes to branding, I personally always found Adobe Illustrator (AI) the best option. That’s why it makes this list. Adobe Illustrator is a free-form vector based application which allows the user to manipulate anchor points to create logos, illustrations, type and much more. For me, it is the go-to for branding. Everything is laid out great for a logo/brand designer.

I also love to illustrate and in AI I find it superb to access the correct tools I need for the job in hand. The free transform of the pen tool really helps when illustrating or crafting logos.

Print Works
AI is also incredible for print works. There are alternatives such as Adobe InDesign. However, I personally think AI is a lot easier and more efficient to use. With multiple art board capabilities and a great PDF editor in-built, AI can cater to your print needs. I have created many brochures, books, postcards and stationary in AI over the years and it has never steered me wrong.

All illustration, print works, logo design and branding done by myself over the years with Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is £20.22 ($26.33) p/month on an annual plan paid monthly. It is one of the more expensive tools to use, however, with its multiple capabilities, ease of use and smoothness, I think it’s worth every penny and will definitely help you out as a brand/logo creative or illustrator.

Adobe InDesign: This is the same price as AI, but is heavily focused on layouts/magazine/publication designs.

Affinity Designer: I have no experience of this personally, but I have heard good reviews. This costs a payment of £48.99 ($63.79) with no subscription for the application with 2 years worth of free upgrades. It has been stated it could be a true rival for AI. I’d love to hear peoples thoughts here?

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