Getting started with Axure Prototyping

Getting started with Axure Prototyping

A prototype is an authentic model on which one thing is patterned. A prototype can vary from a crude mock-up developed by the inventor to professionally designed digital prototypes and/or absolutely functioning working samples.

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The technique of taking your concept and turning it right into a tangible product is known as “reducing the invention to practice” and step one on this course in the event of a prototype. When it involves prototype improvement, the inventor can make the most of an expert prototype firm, digital designer, model-maker, or assemble it on his personal. I’ve seen many prototypes from inventors starting from cardboard and tape to professionally designed and constructed working samples. Keep in thoughts that the prototype course is evolutionary, which means that you could begin with cardboard and evolve the prototype by means of a number of iterations over time, as you refine your invention.

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Getting started with Axure Prototyping

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