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The environment is in a state of imbalance today in the twenty-first century. On the one hand, there is a temperature increase and on the other, there has been a temperature decrease due to environmental imbalance. The air pollution caused by industries, transport systems, and deforestation has increased the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Plants including trees fall down worldwide massively to meet the needs of industries. This has resulted in the phenomenon called deforestation which is the rapid removal of forests including flora and fauna from the earth’s face. The reduction in trees and vegetation means less absorption of carbon dioxide emitted by humans and other living species. This cumulative effect of deforestation and industrial pollution is raising the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The increased amount of this harmful gas has resulted in what environmentalists call the greenhouse effect. In the greenhouse effect, the basic process is that the earth’s atmosphere with carbon dioxide allows the ultraviolet rays to pass through but not the infrared radiations present in the sun rays. The more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere the more infrared radiation (heating properties) is trapped by the earth’s atmosphere thereby increasing the earth’s temperature. So, increasing concentration of carbon dioxide has resulted in an increase in temperature thereby causing global warming.

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