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Professional trifold brochure design in Corel Draw

The basic approach to the trifold brochure design circulates around such concepts. As it may be a vital device of business and also one among the important elements of corporate identity design, so it’s equally important that you simply leave this in the hands of professional design. So here some tips that might help you  to design a trifold brochure .

Define the text

The first and basic step within the design is to organize a text which might be included in brochure. It is a designing, the company wants to achieve and the message transmitted to it. Therefore the text should be explanatory, clear and precise. If we provide excessive information than the recipients would not even read a brochure. Thus all the efforts you have made in print and design would be useless. It is very essential to use simple and understandable language.

Format, fold and size

Once your text is ready , now you’ll chew over the format and therefore the fold. Like trifold could be vertical or horizontal. So you can look at the size and can manage budget accordingly.

Download free trifold broacher Free CDR File


The image and therefore the content of a trifold should communicate the worth of a corporation who is advertising its services and products. It is essential that the text should not only reflect the benefits or detail of the product, but also it should reflect the main beliefs of the company. Therefore, trifold is a crucial tool which introduces the organization to the costumer; it gives a company identity to the corporate .

Target audience

We need to know the target audience while choosing its aesthetics and content. For example the planning for the children would be entirely different for the planning meant for business world. So, if we all know our audience then we will easily achieve our aim through our brochure.

Download free trifold broacher Free CDR File

Organize image and text

The text is extremely important within the trifold and also it’s important that the enough space is out there for a graphic style. It should be capable of expressing the strength of company and also at the same time it should be able to attract clients. The Images must be rhetorically or literally connected to the message and they must be catchy and clear.

In this video tutorials, You’ll show how to create your own trifold brochure. You can create an eye-catching and convincing brochure yourself by using corel draw application.

Resource file download here !

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