Creating a New-Document In Adobe Photoshop

Creating a New Document In Adobe Photoshop

To create a new doc in Photoshop, we use the New Document dialog field, and there are a couple of methods to get to it.

Creating a new doC from the Home Screen

One approach is from Photoshop’s Home Screen. By default, whenever you launch Photoshop CC without opening a picture, or when you shut your doc when no different paperwork is open, you are taken to the Home Screen.

The content material on the Home Screen modifications on occasion, however, on the whole, you will see completely different containers you possibly can click on for studying Photoshop or for seeing what’s new within the newest model. And when you’ve labored on earlier pictures or paperwork, you will see them displayed as thumbnails you could click on on to shortly reopen them:

Creating a brand new doc from the Menu Bar

Another technique to create a brand new Photoshop doc is by going as much as the File menu within the Menu Bar and selecting New. Or you possibly can press the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+N (Win) / Command+N (Mac):

Photoshop’s New Document dialog field

Any approach you select to create a brand new doc opens the New Document dialog field, and there are literally two variations of this dialog field. We’ll begin by trying on the default model (pictured right here), after which I’ll present you the right way to swap to the older, smaller model which I personally suppose is healthier:

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