COLOUR is an Ingenious Use of Color in Portraiture

Photographer Ingrid Alice Irsigler has had work that has always amazed me. Some of it is fairy tale inspired with great use of color. But either way, Ingrid has overcome obstacles and earned a place on our 30 Women Photographers to follow list. Very recently, she completed a shoot called COLOUR done in an area of Cape Town called Co-Kaap. Part of what’s so special about this area is the very rich history and the colorful houses.

While some of this looks easy, Ingrid tells us that it wasn’t.

Ingrid describes the shoot as shot “during a very unforgiving African sun,” in an email to the Phoblographer.

She continues:

“It can be an issue if you have to shoot during mid-day hours, or realistically anytime after 7 am in the morning. Our blue skies are unforgiving. You can see the harshness of the light in the image with the yellow wall.The highlights are very sharp. We can lose a whole day. waiting for the Sun to calm down a little.”

Ingrid states she does a lot of location work in mad spaces, as she describes them. And when you look deeper into her work, you can totally understand it and see how some places would baffle other photographers. But somehow or another through creative thought and freedom, Ingrid gets it done.

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