Chatbots Deliver the Worst Customer Service

If you’ve ever watched The Jetsons as a kid, you probably remember Rosie. The friendly robot that did all the chores in the house of the future. Who haven’t dreamt of having one of their own?

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50 years after the The Jetsons were first aired, we’re way closer to that. Robots won’t prepare dinners or clean our houses yet, but they’re doing pretty well as our personal assistants. No need to call a restaurant to make a reservation, just hand it over to your Siri or Alexa. Same goes for getting a cab. Or responding to e-mails without having to type.

Just how cool is that?

If People Love Bots So Much, Why Not Build More of Them?

Since they were first introduced, virtual assistants have been doing pretty well.

Then Facebook joined the game and announced their own one to be integrated into Messenger. They also added support for custom chatbots.

And that’s when everybody started building chatbots.

What they promised sounded great. If people enjoy hanging out with Siri, why not use chatbots for communicating with customers?

Chatbot makers promised that they will help companies get more leads, earn more money and automate the expensive customer support.

People wouldn’t have to navigate through web pages to get the information they need. They could just ask, right?

Instead of filling online forms, they could just have a casual chat with an assistant. Feels way more natural. And of course, all of that without a human on the other side.

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