What You Can Expect From Java 9 (Coming in July)

Are you ready for Java 9? Well, it is just about here! The general release of Java 9 is scheduled for July 7, 2017.  

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As a Java developer, it is always important to get a good understanding of what new features are being added, what is changing, what is no longer supported (also called deprecated).  To help get ready for this transition, I wanted to share my understanding of what we can expect in the coming months from Oracle.

According to the OpenJDK website,

“We achieved the Feature Extension Complete milestone in December 2016. The overall feature set is now frozen.”

In Java 8, we needed to learn some new coding techniques, such as lambda expressions, collections such as streams and improved type inference, just to name a few.  It changed the way we code in some cases. Java 9 seems to be more centered around the way Java is engineered.

After reading the documentation and blogs on the upcoming release, some of the more important changes seem to be around the idea of making Java a modular system.  It is supposed to help with a term that was new to me, “JAR Hell”.  Seems a little harsh, but I understand the difficulties and problems that can arise with jar files (Java ARchive files).

As developers, it might be an adjustment to get used to only compiling and specifying the packages and libraries required for our program.  But in the long run, the benefit definitely outweighs the learning curve.

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