The Best Sublime Text Plugins for Front End Developers

Every developer has their own tooling and special setup, I know I do. It’s that tooling that can help you become a faster, stronger, and more productive developer.

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One of the ways I find new tools is through pairing with other developers. I’ll be working on a problem, and see the person I’m pairing with do some magical thing in a two second flash.

This is the moment I interrupt the pairing session to find out what that tool was, where to get it, and how to use it. This is by no-means the most efficient way of finding new tools, but it’s often when I find the best ones.

With all this in mind, I spent some time polling front end developers here at Shopify, to get a list of all the essential Sublime Text plugins they just can’t live without.

To make things a bit easier, I broke the plugins into the following categories:

1. Installation

Package Control

The first and probably most essential plugin, is Package Control. It enables the easy installation, download, and update of packages or plugins, into Sublime Text. The terms package and plugin are often used interchangeably.

Package control website.

To install Package Control, follow the instructions found on the Package Control website. From there, you can simply type in ctrl+shift+p on Windows, or cmd+shift+p on a Mac to open the Command Palette.

Installing package control in Sublime Text 3. Installing Package Control.

Once the Command Palette is open, you can then type Install Package, to install a plugin from the Package Control website. You can also type Add Repository, which allows you to add plugins that are not hosted on the Package Control website, by simply using their repository url (make sure not to include .git at the end). And finally, Remove Package, will let you uninstall a plugin from your system by removing it, as well as any assets from the Sublime packages directory.

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