Axure Tutorial Collection 2

The Prototyping tool is an authoring tool for web and mobile apps and it is also used for high-fidelity website wireframes. It offers capabilities typically found in diagramming tools, like drag and drop placement, re-sizing, formatting and image import and export of widgets. In addition, it has features for annotating widgets and defining interactions such as linking, animations, conditional linking, calculations, simulating tab controls, show/hide elements and create variable function and many more. There is support for high-fidelity simulation of Rich Internet Applications, and app prototypes can be simulated on the actual devices.

Scrollable Content in Fixed Height Panels

Text and Hero Banner Transitions

Animating Objects OnScroll

Animating in Bar Charts

Change Theme or Content Across Pages with Variables

Create a Smart Login with Variables

Create a Loading Progress Bar

Popups, Tooltips and Toast Notifications

Copy Pages and Merge Prototypes the Right Way

Create Accordions with Push/Pull Widgets Feature

Create Interactive Sliders

Bookmarks for Dynamic Content Scrolling

Parallax Scroll Effects

Export to HTML or Share On AxShare

Functional Shopping Cart with Math Functions

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