August Update of Adobe XD

From the very start, XD’s mission has been to enable designers to design at the speed of thought. A huge part of the design process is experimenting with different solutions and iterating upon designs. This process can become increasingly tedious as you work in different applications and grow the document from a handful to dozens – and even hundreds of artboards. This month’s release focuses on making design in XD more scalable with the newly updated Assets Panel and support for Creative Cloud Libraries.

New on macOS and Windows 10

Reusing Styles and Assets

With this release, we’ve made colors and character styles easily available for reuse and iteration by adding them to the Assets Panel (formerly the Symbols Panel). This panel provides an easy high-level view of and access to your design elements. Click on the plus icon in the panel to save colors or character styles to the Assets Panel. With a simple right click on a color swatch or character style, you can make changes to design elements, and the changes will be automatically applied throughout your document. You still have the all of the functionality of Symbols you’ve come to know and love, including the ability to update your symbols across all instances on your canvas. We’re serious about speeding up your design process and hope these new features will help!

Creative Cloud Libraries

As a designer, you may have poured hours into finding the perfect shade of fuchsia or sans-serif typeface only to reproduce the same design elements for different applications. With this release, design elements like colors and character styles created in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and other Creative Cloud applications are available at your fingertips through Creative Cloud Libraries – ready to reuse right within XD. The floating panel is found in the File/hamburger menu or via keyboard shortcut (CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+L). While you may start your design from scratch, you can now leverage your existing designs to make your new ones even better.

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