Android O release date and developer preview features

Android O is the next version of Google’s mega-popular mobile operating system set to release this Summer. 

Until then, it’s currently in the midst of a developer preview, which you can join if you have a Google Pixel , Google Pixel XL , Nexus 6P , Nexus 5X or Pixel C . 

This big Android update for 2017 will continue its extended beta following its officialGoogle IO 2017 unveiling and will likely debut in full first on the Google Pixel 2 . 

Don’t have a Google-branded phone? The company announced Project Treble , an initiative that will ensure that Android O comes to many more devices than previous operating system updates.

We’ve already seen a healthy list of new features out of the developer preview, both visual and performance-based, that are worth getting excited about even if the new version doesn’t make groundbreaking changes like Material Design did in Android Lollipop. 

Stay tuned in the months ahead as we uncover many more new features in future developer previews. But for now, follow along as we dive into a list of confirmed features, some of which are available right now in the dev preview. 

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