About Us

We create Innovative design and development tutorials and provide creativity for Inspiring Students around the world.

Who We Are?

We are a bunch of techie boys from Delhi with one foot in the West Bengal culture. We like to tell stories with sketches & pixels and could do the same for you. We invest our time to understand your need only because we know how to build them in the best way.

It is not creative that we build. We create an online persona for you where anyone can get in touch with you over the internet. We don’t just create a design. We present you to the world. We design with motive and sense, and we have fun along the way. Because we really believe that you can’t make something awesome without being in love with it.

We Love What We Do?

Whether it is branding or web-designing, ixdzone.com  is here to guide you to new heights.

“Let us make your imagination come true”

Between our skills and our experience, we’re able to offer a wide range of tutorials and design services that reach far beyond anything you can imagine. We are serious about design and branding. We are here for your help and ready to create design stuff. We create innovative digital solutions inspiring customers around the world. Our well-skilled team always tries to give her best.

What We Offer?

Here’s what we offer

  • Strategy – Brand Strategy tutorials, Creative Strategy tutorials, Information Architecture tutorials
  • Branding – Logo Design tutorials, Branding Creation tutorials, Style Tiles tutorials, Style Guides tutorials
  • Graphics Design – Info-graphics tutorials, Visualizations tutorials, Social Graphics tutorials, Ad Design tutorials
  • Web Design – Wireframing tutorials, User Experience(UX) tutorials, User Interface (UI)tutorials, Responsive Design tutorials

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons we excel in what we do. But the key to our success and yours is that we design and develop User interface tutorials that are User Friendly. We are the only designer and development community that provides print and web media solutions at one point.

Our designer developers are technical masters that ensure and know what makes design tutorials and development tutorials in an expected way. Through our expertise and dedicated efforts grow your Skills.