6 Tips for Creating an Effective Graphic Design Portfolio Site

Working on building or revamping your graphic design portfolio site? Take note of these tips from HOW and Squarespace to ensure that your online presence works to your best advantage.

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1. Curate for Visual Cohesion

It’s not enough to just slap all of your latest work onto your portfolio site; it’s best to curate carefully. That means selecting a cohesive visual style, a harmonious color scheme, or another unifying factor that brings your work together. This enables your work to build upon itself and establish your unique graphic style for potential clients and employers so that they know what to expect when they’re working with you.

2. Humanize Your Portfolio

Photos or videos of you working on your design projects bring your creative process to clients and showcase the fact that you are bringing active talent and energy to the table. Designer and illustrator Jeff Rogers, for example, includes quirky photos of himself and his work on his Squarespace-powered portfolio site.

Including blog posts and case studies can also help you turn your process into a compelling story. That’s not to say you should include stories of your deepest struggles; instead, focus on the positives. Career writer Julie Ann Sims offers this advice: “[T]hink about situations in which you were able to solve business problems, overcome creative challenges or otherwise generate positive results.”

3. Leverage Unique Elements

When clients are scoping out graphic design portfolio sites in search of a creative professional, they’ll choose the one that stands out. A unique visual element can help yours do just that. Laura Bee’s portfolio site, for example includes an animated logo design that catches visitors’ eyes and invites them to explore more of her work.

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