5 Photographers on the Best Places for ‘Leaf-Peeping’ in Fall

People travel far and wide to see dramatic golden leaves– so much so that there’s a whole global industry based around fall foliage. In the United States, the term “leaf peeping” has cropped up in recent years to describe the phenomenon, and some places, like New England, wrack in billions every autumn. According to some reports, Maine alone attracts $1.5 billion in “leaf peeping” revenue.

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The changing colors of the leaves might seem like a constant for those who experience all four seasons, but sadly, fall foliage might be in jeopardy. A changing climate, rising temperatures, and increases in precipitation and nitrogen levels all affect not only the duration of autumn but also the vibrancy of its colors. If things continue down this path, autumn leaves could be duller in the future than they are today.

In honor of the colorful season, we asked five fantastic photographers to tell us about their favorite spots to shoot fall foliage. Below, they reveal their secret (and-not-so-secret) locations, a few of their best stories, and their top tips for making beautiful pictures to move and inspire generations to come.

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