25 Super-Useful Web Tools And Services

Web designers and web developers, prepare yourself for the best showcase available out there. Below you will find 25 super-useful web tools and services that will heavily help you and your projects. There are different resources (a cloud storage solution, the best web development agency on the internet with an excellent track record, WordPress themes, Logo creators etc) that will cover almost any needs that you may have.

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  1. pCloud

pCloud is your personal cloud space where you can store all your files and folders in a safe and professional way. This solution has more than 7 million users, 7 PB maintained files and is among the top 5 clouding services in the market, many people considering the first option. pCloud can be used on any type of devices and platforms, that will synchronize immediately between them: Web browser extension, iOS, Android, OSX, Linux or Windows. On your desktop computer, you will have a virtual drive that will be directly connected to the cloud. Everything you put there will be stored on their safe servers. The security level is like a Military base or maybe even better. For 6 months they have put 2,800 hackers, including different people from top universities and other organization to crack their software and the result was outstanding. The mission was impossible, nobody could do it. pCloud can be used by teams for collaboration as you can easily share documents. If your company is looking for a business solution, they have it. Check their website.

What is truly unique to pCloud is their lifetime license which starts from $125 and has great thing included: 500GB storage, 500GB download link traffic, Unlimited remote upload traffic and 30 days trash history.

You can start with the free plan which offers you 20 GB and after that upgrade. Use it 1 day and you will never let it go.

2. Tickera

Using the brilliant Tickera WordPress plugin, online ticket selling becomes super simple. Tickera has already been downloaded more than 80,000 times and based on the feedback of the customers, they are more than happy utilizing it. And before you ask, Tickera can be used with any well-crafted WordPress themes so there is no need for graphic designers and developers to modify the templates. Installation and setup process is as straightforward as it gets after which you will quickly have your online ticketing store.

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