20 Impressive CSS3 Techniques, Libraries and Examples

20 Impressive CSS3 Techniques, Libraries and Examples

 Danny Markov July 22nd, 2014

In this list we’ve gathered for you some of the best sources of CSS goodness. We’ve chosen some amazing demos from various artists that come to prove that nowadays everything is possible with CSS. We’ve also included articles that depict the awesome new features of CSS3 and a few helpful libraries full of CSS tricks. There is a lot to gaze your eyes upon and a lot to learn so we better get started!

In order to fully enjoy this compilation you might want to use a modern browser such as Chrome.

1. Blur Menu

This is a really well executed and polished demo of a CSS only menu. Actually there are seven separate examples! They all utilize the new CSS3 transition feature and some clever usage of selectors to create a sleek blurry effect. You can read more about the code here.

Blur menu

2. CSS3D Clouds

In this demo app you can generate and play around with some astonishingly realistic clouds. The fact that this exists should prompt you of the endless possibilities web design has to offer. The demo code is quite complex as it uses CSS3 3D Transforms as well as some JavaScript. Here is an advanced tutorial on the subject.

CSS 3D Clouds

3. Logos In Pure CSS

These are some famous companies’ logos made entirely out of CSS. The cool part about this demo is that you can hover over them to see exactly which CSS properties are used to form the images. You can also see the full code on github.



4. CSS A/Z

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