12 extensions that will make any UX Designer’s life easier

If a person has only 15 minutes to spend on content, around 75% prefer to read a page with good design over reading something without much pizzazz.

Designers seem to intrinsically understand this fact and will spend hours getting coloring and spacing just right.

Fortunately, there are a number of tools that will make any UX designer’s life easier and speed up the process a bit. Here’s an even dozen for you to check out.

1. Window Resizer

Today’s UX designers understand that different people access the internet on different screen sizes, including smaller devices like smartphones.

The Window Resizer Chrome browser extension allows you to quickly adjust your screen size to see how a screen will look on different devices. This is vital for developing the best user experience possible.

2. MultiClipboard

Designing means doing a lot of coding work. When coding, designers tend to copy and paste from one place to the next. You might grab some code from a design you completed last year with a specific element or you might look up code and grab it. You might also be in the process of debugging and need to get some feedback on some copied-and-pasted code.

The MultiClipboard plugin makes it easy to have several clipboards going at one time so you can easily grab a bit of code from here and paste it into a different notepad file.

3. AutoSave

You’ve just spent an hour coding a particularly challenging piece of PHP when your laptop battery runs down and your computer shuts off. And you thought you had it plugged in! If you’ve remembered to hit Ctrl/S over and over again, you’ll be fine. However, if you forgot, you will have to start over.

Unless, that is, you’ve already downloaded the Notepad plugin called AutoSave. AutoSave automatically saves your work every so many seconds so you don’t have to worry about losing vital coding and having to start over from scratch. In a pinch, this plugin can really save you both frustration and time.

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